Short Term Health Insurance Policies

Short Term Health Insurance Policies

A law was recently passed effective October, 2018 that reverses the 90 day limit President Obama put on short term (temporary) health insurance policies.

There will also be NO tax penalty beginning in 2019 for not having insurance with the mandated minimum essential benefits.

These short term policies will be available for 364 days, which means you will be able to purchase a policy with one rate, one deductible, and one out of pocket limit without having to start over every three months as you did in 2018.

Please remember that short term policies in general do NOT cover well visits, mammograms, pre-existing conditions, including any medications taken for a pre-existing condition.

There will also be a couple of new companies that will be offering “Obamacare” plans in Maricopa County for 2019, so if the short term no longer or doesn’t suit your needs, you will at least have a choice of health care companies in 2019.  Rates may drop a little bit on those policies since there will be competition, but not significantly.